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IPEX Global shortens, simplifies, and optimizes your SAP Solution Manager projects. SAP Solution Manager provides single platform for end to end Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) that supports and manages both SAP and non-SAP Applications in an SAP disperse environment.

Why you should be excited for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 by IPEX Global

  • Enhanced technical monitoring: By providing a single window into the entire landscape, SAP Solution Manager 7.2 increases the admin vigilance for any upcoming issues and hence gives real time monitoring and notification before performance decline. On alert admin can fix the issue or assign, prioritize and divert the tasks to the service desk.
  • Advance & upgrade project management: SAP Solution Manager 7.2 enhances the efficiency of project management through the project administrator work center which enables proper planning and execution on a common platform. This tool provides upgraded templates which increases project standardization, and makes the process faster, simpler and cost effective.
  • SAP HANA support: SAP Solution Manager is a key feature that plays vital role to shape your ongoing SAP S/4HANA based projects. With the help of its feature called Standalone Retrofit you can keep track of all the consolidated modifications that are performed in the AMS landscape and providing you a tool that can transfer the modification in the development system of the conversion project landscape, giving you huge relief in the double maintenance activities.
  • Process Management Tool: This tool provides centralized single source of information for all the processes that needs to be modified at different levels. All the project documents like functional, technical, test documents etc. can be stored at one go. It acts as vessel for all versions of solution documentation that can be implemented or migrated later on.
  • ITSM (IT Service Management): As we believe in Agile methodology, it’s very important to analyze all the speculative defects before its occurrence. ITSM provides you to manage all the defects on a single platform that you might have come up with while testing and to be able to rectify it on time. This provides transparent overview on defect status and its modifications.
  • Change and Control Management Tool: We follow IT Best Practice services like ITIL and COBIT as per international standards for you. Change Control Management tool tends to connect you between business requirements, underlying technical implementation and going through the solution documentation. It not only track changes required by the system but also expedites the processes and controls the maintenance cycle. Makes transportable changes, release to the tester and automate QA imports.
  • Cross System Object Lock (CSOL) & Downgrade Protection (DGP): This is highly effective feature of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 which is integrated in CharRM and Standalone Retrofit that helps to provide “Logical” Locking Mechanism while the transport request is already released, but has not completed its lifecycle yet.

IPEX Global have vast experience in Consultancy and development of SAP Solution Manager 7.2. We desire to deliver complete SAP Solutions for diverse industries with desired results that meet or exceed your every expectation. We have highly efficient and dedicated team who have expertise in SAP Solution Manager to assist and support your great business agility by improving core functionality of your business by SAP Solution Manager 7.2.

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