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IPEX Global Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our Azure cloud experts are empowered with mission-built tools, automation frameworks, audited processes, and proven best practices. We simplify moving and thriving in the cloud by helping you rapidly deploy and migrate your infrastructure workloads for compute, network and storage to Microsoft Azure with minimal risk and downtime, while assuring high performance, security, compliance and cost control.

As a leading cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) can build and run any application in the cloud. It is a secure cloud services platform, offering compute power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.


IPEX Global ensures that our customers adopt the most advanced technologies and best practices. We understand the complexities of migrating workloads in large-scale environments, and the skills needed for success. At IPEX Global, we bridge the gap in migrating applications across traditional, private cloud and AWS environments. We have established AWS tailored roadmaps and processes for “lift and shift,” refactoring and rebuilding applications. We specialize in sophisticated and challenging cloud systems integration projects utilizing the suite of AWS cloud services. We match our deep cloud expertise with your project requirements to deliver proven results that utilize the right cloud services for your project, including infrastructure from AWS.

IPEX Global AWS experts will help in building clear strategy and road map on your cloud journey, so that you can move ahead confidently with your plan to adopt enterprise solutions in AWS cloud.

AWS Transformation Services

Enterprises today are increasingly adopting cloud-first strategies to deliver flexible, scalable, and cost-efficient IT with reduced time to market. The right cloud strategy is essential for every customer-centric digital business, accelerating time-to-market and providing true scalability. The biggest challenge our clients face in cloud adoption is the complexity of their current business and IT architectures. IPEX Global and Amazon Web Services are working together to simplify your cloud adoption.

Managed AWS Cloud Services

Cloud Computing is a revolution that has changed IT. In today’s digital age, businesses are excepted to deliver everything ‘as-a-service’. To achieve this, organizations are looking for newer ways to enable operational agility improve service quality and reduce administration overhead. Cloud Managed Services Providers (MSPs) play a key role in helping organizations recognize and leverage these advantages.

AWS Migration Services

More organizations are moving to public and hybrid clouds to increase business and IT agility, compete more effectively, and replace outdated data centres and applications. To your organization through this journey, IPEX Global provides a managed suite of AWS cloud migration services that employ a AWS migration experts and best-in-class technologies to thoroughly assess your options, ensure a successful migration and, if needed, manage your modernized environment.

  • IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution. IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution.

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