Robotic Process Automation

IPEX thrives on providing the best RPA implementation solution to every industry that wants to reduce the complexities of business that employees face every day and help them achieve more productivity.

Robotic Process Automation

Digital Roadmap Design and Development

Creating a digital roadmap of the technology advancement and adoption plans always helps an organization stay one step ahead in the preparation process:

  • Collective knowledge: It brings together expertise from across your organization to look at the future of a chosen topic. Participants work together to build a visual map towards their desired future. Decisions are made through a highly collaborative process encouraging commitment from participants as well as an understanding of their role in the wider picture.
  • Opportunities & challenges: Road mapping provides the platform for new ideas and opportunities but it can also highlight potential barriers your organization may face. For example, economic uncertainty, as tempting as it may be to press on ignoring these can result in costly or poor decisions being made.
  • Integration: Road mapping can integrate with other tools to bring additional knowledge and understanding in key areas. For example, you can consider possible economic futures with the use of scenario analysis bringing new insights back to your road map. The road map can integrate with other tools including SWOT analysis and portfolio management depending on your organization needs. These insights help you to make better informed chances and improving your chance of success.
  • Flexibility: Its flexibility means that you can use road-mapping for most challenges and problems whether you are focusing on specific area like product developments, innovation, or functional strategy or on an organization-wide business strategy. It is used across many organizations and industries and it’s scalable so can be used for almost any challenge you face.
  • Efficiency: Workshops can be completed in a day, so that you can get quick wins with minimal time and resource investment. This can help with gaining commitment to the process within your organization.
  • Responsive: The speed of your approach also helps organizations become more responsive to internal and external changes. For example, road mapping workshops can be held to adjust strategies considering changing markets legislation and organizational restructuring.
  • IPEX can help you plan so well that we will ensure that you know where you are going. We explore strategies for thinking about the future of your organization and ways to strengthen your position in the competitive marketplace. We provide with a framework for planning, prioritizing and goal setting. We explore strategies to gain multiple benefits from your plan and the planning process.

RPA Implementation and Advisory

Many organizations are turning to Robotic process automation or RPA to improve productivity, customer satisfaction and quality.

The top strategic priorities reported by a survey of executives are developing analytics capabilities, increasing the overall level of automation, and focusing on processing improvement by optimizing mundane and repetitive tasks, the positive impact can be seen in the organization’s bottom line and workflow.

How you benefit?

  • Initiate process documentation early and create share workflows and document repositories.
  • Focus on efficiency gain by including adoption automation.
  • Use automation tools to simplify activities that your organization does daily.
  • Focus on specific goals, be clear on any automation project goals and deliverables with your team.
  • By understanding what measures will have the most impact on the business, you get to prioritize and automate incrementally.
  • Consider automation to a long-term solution, that creates flexibility and can adept easily to future changes in your applications.
  • Plan by being cautious about the number of tasks to be automated, most importantly be sure to have a plan in place to revert those tasks if needed.
  • Prioritize automation processes by estimating cost and time savings and determining automated processes that will save you time, while yielding the largest return on investment.
  • Implementing robotic process automation can build and stabilize your workforce today for maximum efficiency and effectiveness tomorrow.
Robotic Process Automation


IPEX thrives on providing the best RPA implementation solution to every industry that wants to reduce the complexities of business that employees face every day and help them achieve more productivity.

We provide professional RPA consulting to businesses that want to achieve maximum efficiency with a balance of investment and efforts.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA- support services

RPA is an emerging practice to use associated technologies for performing business processes by replicating what a human does but doing so using automated robotic agents, these automated agents act and interact with your IT applications just as humans do to automate those repetitive and mundane task carried out by people. Therefore, allowing your people to perform more interesting, rewarding, and value-added activities.

The most common approach for developing RPA is to try builders and hosters, operated internally within your organization and while sometimes successful, this comes with much lower risk such as skills gaps, quality issues as well as the high cost of ownership.

IPEX is an established leader in the delivery of RPA support servcies across multiple industries for our clients both in USA and internationally, coupling our many years of experience in business process services on our culture of innovation, we are proud to launch our latest and unique service offering to the market utilizing robotic process automation RPA.

We are proud to Introduce our RPA support services, powered by IPEX customer solutions, this brings together our extensive experience in managing and hosting business process solutions and combining it with our resilient IT infrastructure, process accents experience and our in-house development expertise in RPA.

RPA this service offers a secure and compliant hosted solution measured in robot productivity at a fraction of the cost of human hours. Our RPA is a service offering will deliver cost effective, low risk and trusted solution for your business, by working with you to define your RPA business case, developing your RPA solution and most importantly operating your new RPA assets.

The IPEX Way

  • We start by working with you to qualify the opportunity for RPA in your organization. we spend one or two days collaborating with your business and IT stakeholders to identify where RPA will bring benefits to your organization.
  • It involves leveraging our lean six Sigma practitioners and business analysts using techniques such as lean reviews, customer journey mapping and user experience mapping to quickly identify candidates for automation.
  • We will work directly with your business and operation stakeholders to define the business case for adopting RPA within your organization, not just in terms of financial savings but also aspects such as compliance and quality benefits.
  • As part of our agile methodology automation activities are developed incrementally the relevant stakeholders from your organization involved throughout ensuring rapid development but always meeting your requirements.
  • Ultimately following successful deployment of your robots, we will operate, monitor and continuously improve your RPA assets from our operations.
Cloud RPA Services

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