Cloud Security

With the advent of cloud, businesses today are rapidly migrating to public, private of hybrid clouds.

Cloud Security

With the advent of cloud, businesses today are rapidly migrating to public, private of hybrid clouds. However, security in cloud remains a topic of utmost importance. Cloud computing security consists of a set of rules, policies, and technologies that work hand in hand to protect cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure.

cloud security

Why You Need Cloud Security?

  • Cost reduction – You do not need to invest in a dedicated hardware. As a business, you can get rid of administrative overheads and excessive capital expenditure. Cloud security offers protection 24/7 with little or no human intervention.
  • Reliability – With the right kind of security o measures in place, users can safely access applications and data within the cloud without having to worry about data theft, data corruption or deletion.
  • Reduced Administration Overheads - With cloud security, you do not have to drain your resources to manually take care of security configurations. With cloud security, all security administration can be taken care of at one place and can be fully managed on your behalf.

The IPEX Way

At IPEX, we possess over a decade of experience in cloud security solutions. We follow a comprehensive and holistic approach to meet your cloud security requirements. Whether you are planning on migrating to cloud, have just migrated to cloud or have reached a mature position, we can help you with your cloud security needs in any scenario.

Our flexible and streamlined approach sets us apart as we always keep in mind the requirements of the end user.

  • Initial Assessment - A cloud security assessment helps us understand your current infrastructure, technology and provides insights into the roadmap ahead on adopting cloud security.
  • Cloud Security Consulting - Our consulting services can help you manage risks and guide you through the nuances of cloud security. Based on the same, we can help you understand how you can adapt your strategy, programs, and architecture to the secured cloud.
  • Support – In case of any cloud security issue, our consultants can help you navigate the nuances of each platform and supplement your in-house resources to mitigate damages as quickly as possible.

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