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Salesforce Lightning – Are you on the Lightning autobahn?

Get Lightning ready in order to harness its real Powers.

Salesforce Lightning ™ comes with huge possibilities of enabling higher productivity, smarter work practices, an engrossing UX & faster app building! Why leave things to chance? Ask how IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightening development experts’ help you get on and zip through the Lightning autobahn.

Switching from Salesforce Classic to Lightning is a choice that most organizations need to make to take advantage of the advanced features, higher productivity outcomes, intelligent workflows etc. IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants have the expertise to assist in this transition.

When you have made the decision to leverage Salesforce Lightning i.e. during a new Salesforce Implementation or using Salesforce for a number of years and simply require a transition from a Salesforce Classic to Lightning, IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightening Consultants are fully equipped to develop a strategy that will work for your organization, will work to ensure a smooth journey, guarantee a cost-efficient outcome and ensure the transition is worth that hard earned effort.

Our Salesforce Lightening Services:

Expert Salesforce Lightning Consulting

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants have all the experience required to collaboratively create a Lightning Strategy using all the years of experience to provide a carefully thought out plan to leverage the Lightning Components, UX, automated workflows and ensure the maximum ROI for your organization.

Lightning App Development

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Developers specializes in developing Lightning-ready, tailor fitted Salesforce apps, both managed and unmanaged packaged apps. IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Development team are AppExchange experts, our specialty includes Lightning App for smaller organisations such as start-ups and large enterprises deploying Lightning ready apps.

Our inhouse Salesforce Development team has also develops Salesforce Exchange Apps where they find a need in the market and see if it can benefit the greater Salesforce Community.

Cross Device Ambient Experience

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Consultants love technology and innovation and are proud in everything they do!

IPEX Global manages the entire process of customizing an existing Site.com and Force.com solution, transforming it to mobile and Lightning-ready and with a responsive UX across all devices.

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Developers love to see the smiles on our clients faces once they have brought the solution to life!

Lightning Community Portals

With the new features and additional functionality, it is never a better time to upgrade to Salesforce Lightning Communities!

The Salesforce Classic to Lightning brought along with it a massive UX upgrade and improved the overall user experience. The upgrade can have benefits as it brings in a mobile first approach, an overall reduction in clicks, additional drag-and-drop components resulting in an overall accelerated design, development, and deployment.

IPEX Global certified and experienced Salesforce Lightning Development team are equipped to enter a collaborative discovery phase, design a bespoke solution for your Salesforce Lightning Communities and customize to your specific needs.

Lightning Ready Customization

IPEX Global can also assist when there is a requirement to transition a highly configured, in use Salesforce Classic solution. Our Certified Salesforce Consultants are Lightning experts and will re-engineer the design to enable Salesforce Lightning compatibility and deploy Salesforce customizations to take advantage the new Lightning features, functions, and overall user experience.

Lightning Component Development

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Development team are well equipped to design and develop custom re-usable Lightning Components for all the fast-paced future Salesforce Developments.

Lightning Process Automation

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants can assist with all your automation needs.

IPEX Global will analyze your business processes and develop a plan to automate including the configuration of the Salesforce Lightning Process Builder which will provide your organization with all the Lightning benefits!!

Why choose us for your transition from Salesforce Classic to Lightning

Quality with On Time Delivery: IPEX Global is an ISO 9001 certified company, we are committed to a quality delivery outcome and strive for continuous improvement and providing superior services across our entire business.

We take pride in delivering on-time, every time, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Experienced: IPEX Global’s team comprises of 150+ dynamic, seasoned and qualified professionals who have a vast experience in Information Technology, experience with leading Technology Platforms and vast industry experience. We boast greater than 70 individual Salesforce Consultant Certifications, are proud of our Strong Customer Testimonials and have delivered over 400 quality projects on time and on budget.

IPEX Global’s Salesforce Lightning Consultants work onsite/onshore and/or offshore. Our customers and services are many and varied, from Fortune 500 companies implementing large E-Business programs to small-medium enterprises implementing sophisticated solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

IPEX Global’s experience of over 150,000 days in Salesforce Support, implementation, consulting, integration, migration, customization and Force.com development.

Blended Onshore/Offshore Model: IPEX Global’s business model is designed to ensure a cost-effective quality outcome. Our onsite Salesforce Consulting Services are backed up by our Offshore Salesforce Development Team ensuring a quality solution and on time delivery. By switching between these two combinations of onshore and offshore teams IPEX Global ensures flexibility while meeting the customer’s requirements.

We always maintain the highest level of quality with a significant cost reduction in comparison to our competitors using this model. 100% Onshore Salesforce Consultants can also be rewarding for our clients and therefore an option and ensure a successful project outcome.

Flexible: IPEX Global prides itself on the flexibility we provide to our clients once we become your trusted Salesforce Silver Partner. You choose a model which is suitable to your needs. Salesforce Consulting Service model can last until the end of the engagement or can be customized at a future date. All our clients get all our attention, a great service with no overheads like our competitors.

Intellectual Property: You own the source code developed and Intellectual Property Rights of the development work we do for you under our agreement.

  • IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution. IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution.

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