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Full Spectrum of Automotive Industry Solutions

A series of global trends have led to unprecedented innovation in the automotive industry. The automobile is the preeminent consumer product of the industrial revolution and is facing what may be its greatest moment of consumer change. This change is part of a digitally enabled convergence of accelerating technological, social and industry forces that is about to trigger an explosion of innovation in global transportation.

Connectivity and digitization are the most important trends which could influence the global automobile industry. Consumers want more connectivity, are focused on active safety and ease of use, and are increasingly using digital sources in making their purchase decisions. Meeting these demands is a particular challenge for an industry that throughout its existence has been focused on creating hardware products rather than delivering software solutions.

microsoft dyanmics ax
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Get more than what you think from IPEX Global

IPEX Global develops long-term IT strategies to support overall business goals for our automotive clients, including manufacturers and suppliers. With our deep understanding of the automotive domain, we are uniquely positioned to increase your company’s operational efficiency, profitability, market presence, and to build lasting customer relationships. Our services help you transform your business by improving business efficiency, agility and profitability. We also help you reduce costs, build better products, streamline your supply chain, enable efficient manufacturing, improve sales processes and build long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty.

IPEX Global automotive experts help you address major challenges and also support you in your transformation journey for better profitability and increased competitiveness. We offer solutions and services across the entire automotive value chain which helps companies run highly efficient operations across different business and IT functions by leveraging IT operations, lean IT principles, and IT infrastructure operations.

IPEX Global SAP – HANA Specialization in the Automotive Industry

  • SAP S/4HANA Implementation Services
  • SAP S/4HANA Migration Services
  • SAP S/4HANA Application Management Services (AMS)
  • Latest Fiori UX
  • Simplified system landscape
  • Live Reporting on Live Data
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Vendor Cycle Management
  • Product Development & Engineering
  • Design Collaboration
Value creation for Automotive Industry

IPEX Global is helping the automotive companies to accelerate innovation in the product, improving the quality, reducing manufacturing costs, and sells and services vehicles more profitably. SAP S/4HANA provides data driven technology that blends together the world of sensors, technology and vehicle data with a world of application and practices. It increases the market share in a highly competitive market. SAP delivers services that satisfy customers and meet regulatory requirements. It empowers industry to manufacture cost-efficient vehicles by adopting automotive best practices. It optimizes efficiency, reduces the cost and uncertainty in global supply networks. The customer satisfaction and retention have been increased with a positive buying experience. It facilitates different business models in the digital economy.

  • IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution. IPEX Global Inc. is focused on providing IT services for Application Development, Integration & Support of post-modern ERP, Cloud, Web and Mobility Solution.

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